O.R.S (Oxygen Reduction System)
The N2 FIREFIGHTER® methodology prevents the development or spreading of open fires by adding nitrogen to the atmosphere.

Until recently, the focus was to discover a fire as quickly as possible and to extinguish it effectively. Technological progress, careful and meticulous studies during these decades made it possible to greatly reduce the risk of fires in general. However, a new method, based on the depletion of Oxygen, has opened completely new venues for us.

We are now able to create fully protected environments and to completely eliminate the fire hazard by changing the atmosphere within a building by allowing full access to people at the same time.

It is a revolution that finally, after decades of refining and re-inventing fire extinguishing technology again and again, the same maybe obsolete in many cases. Thanks to a radical change of perspective, we now eliminate the possibility of a fire to get started instead of thinking about how to fight the fire.