Traditionally the oxygen is being measured in an area by using one or many point detectors, in some cases decentralized aspirating detectors are being used too. These detectors are logically put together in groups and each group represents an average value measured by the single detectors. From all group values together a new average is being calculated and displayed.

ISOLCELL's aim is to be as accurate as possible and to attain perfection.
For that reason ISOLCELL has developed the Virtual Grid methodology. With the help of a pipe system air is being aspirated from various heights within the protected area and even from the nucleus of the building. The aspirated air is being lead to a couple of zirconium sensors which comply with the European machine directive SIL EN 62061 / EN ISO 13849-1.

This method ensures that the air from each point of analysis is being sensored by the same detectors and the precise value of oxygen is displayed. A further advantage is the long lifetime of the zirconium sensors especially as electrochemical sensors tend to deteriorate quickly.